Are Smartphones with Pop Up Camera Reliable?

Source: Are Smartphones with Pop Up Camera Reliable

Nowadays, since smartphones aren’t mechanical anymore, phone manufacturers can’t wait to look to integrate most of the latest cool technologies into their novel smartphones. One of these techs is a pop up camera. As the demand for larger smartphone screens grows rapidly, pop up camera is used by phone manufacturers as the top option to bring out an uninterrupted screen on their smartphones.

This trend of integrating the elevating camera into smartphones was started in early 2018 when Vivo Nex, the first-ever phone with pop up front-facing camera, was launched. Since then, many other new smartphones coming with pop up camera have been hitting the smartphone market day by day.

But now the question (you probably want to ask most) is, is it worthwhile to buy one? After all, you cannot make a quick buying decision when you haven’t known about any of their benefits. Actually, the answer is Yes, definitely. Smartphones with pop up camera are worth buying. Keep reading to find their advantages and to find the primary buying choice (product link).

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Maximize Smartphone Screen with No Distracting Notch

People always yearn for larger smartphone screens on which they can do typical activities such as navigating social networks, playing games, watching movies, and taking awesome pictures and videos with a better viewing experience. In fact, for many years, smartphone manufacturers have been shaving away the edges around the screen on their phones by eliminating interrupting bezels.

However, the notch where the front selfie camera places has always existed on displays in order to keep the selfie camera. But in recent years, the emergence of the new cool technology pop up camera has allowed for removing the notch from the smartphone displays to maximize the entire screen while still remaining the front selfie camera.

Pop up camera is a built-in camera at top of smartphones which stays hidden when you don’t need it and pops up mechanically when the front camera is switched on. Hence, with this useful technology on smartphones, the notch-trend is on its way out and the uninterrupted full screen has been being delivered.

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Bring Better Screen Viewing Experience

As mentioned earlier, a pop up camera removes the smartphone screen notch which is used to house the front selfie camera, allowing for higher screen-to-body ratios. That said, a pop up camera solves the demand for maximizing the entire screen on a smartphone with no distraction of a camera notch or bezel on the edges surrounding the screen.

Without the interruption of the notch or the bezel, smartphones with pop up cameras allow users to take advantage of the maximized screen, bringing them better viewing experience. This type of smartphone along with a larger screen enables you to watch videos and play games on full-screen mode, which leads to more excellent viewing effects such as wider viewing and higher resolution.

In short, in terms of viewing effects, pop-up camera smartphones take advantage of a larger screen with the removal of the distracting notch, offering users overall better viewing experience.

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Offer Cool and Awesome Outer Design

In addition to bringing excellent viewing experience, smartphones with pop up cameras taking advantage of maximized screen design with no notch or bezel also give the public an elusive and cool impression.

In the age of pursuing individuality and simplicity, owning a smartphone designed with a novel and cool pop up camera as well as a clean screen can show your personality, giving others an unique, simple and cool impression.

Besides, holding a smartphone with a pop-up camera in hand which is relatively new technology is fashionable, reflecting your fashion and good temperament.

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Take Selfies with Higher Quality

The reason why smartphones with the pop up camera are worthwhile to buy also lies in their another benefit: take better quality selfies. With the removal of camera notch, pop up camera smartphones offers larger screens for taking photos and recording videos in the front of the phone, which can lead to high-quality selfies.

In addition, the vast majority of the pop-up camera smartphones are equipped with a high-pixel pop-up front cameras such as 16 MP and 32MP and also support night mode and other AI features, causing high quality selfies.

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Offer Class Drop Protection

You may also worry about the breaking of the popup camera during sudden drop of the smartphone. No need to fret. The vast majority of the pop-up cameras on smartphones have a class drop protection mechanism.

This mechanism makes the pop-up camera to retract automatically during a sudden drop of the smartphone, protecting it from breaking or any other damage. That being said, in terms of durability, pop up camera smartphones are durable and cannot be easily damaged, making them worthy of being purchased.

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Pop up Camera Smartphones Are Getting Cheaper

So far, you must have already been charmed by smartphones with pop up camera. Indeed, they are powered with many advantageous features like offering larger screen, bringing better viewing experience and cool design, taking high-quality selfies as well as providing class drop protection, making them worth buying.

Nevertheless, you may also hesitate about buying one since you don’t know whether the price is affordable or not. In fact, the prices of the vast majority of smartphones with pop up cameras in the current market are affordable and are getting cheaper.

Since early 2018 when Vivo Nex, the first pop-up camera smartphone was rolled out, pop up cameras with full-screen displays have been applied in many flagships and other third-party manufacturing smartphones, which leads to large-scale production as well as peer competition. This makes the manufacturing cost become lower, causing the price to become cheaper.

In short, with advantageous features but at affordable prices, smartphones coming with pop up cameras are certainly worth buying. Now you must want to buy one to enjoy better viewing effects on full screen and to take high-quality selfies. Here we recommend you buy our F1 (product link) which is at a super-cheap price to enjoy all the above benefits.

Excellent Choice for Pop up Camera — F1 Full Screen Smartphone

Our F1 (product link) is a high-level full screen smartphone coming with a pop-up front camera in a super-cheap price. Like the normal pop-up camera smartphones, it delivers an uninterrupted full-view screen where you can enjoy better viewing experience without any notch or bezel. Besides, it houses a 6.53 inch FHD (2340*1080 pixels) full lamination display, which makes it look beautiful, impressive as well as amazing.

When it comes to the cameras, this handset is much more impressive since it’s powered with 16MP pop up front camera plus 16MP triple set of rear cameras. Its high-pixel pop up front camera allows you to take selfies with high quality. As to its triple rear camera system, it’s involved with primary camera sensors coupled with a powerful Incell 10 touch lens, leading to high-quality pictures and videos.

Other than that, the handset has gone the extra mile to make itself special. It also comes with the finger print scanner technology which allows for securing your privacy on your smartphone. By simply touching your finger on the display, you can easily unlock the phone.

Also, this pop up camera smartphone owns a 4,000mAh non-removable battery which supports running the phone all day. Another powerful advantage of this handset is that it supports fast charging along with a 2A quick charger. You are able to charge your phone within 30 minutes.

F1 Specs:

Display: 6.53inch, LCD

SoC: MTK6771 P60 Octa Core



Three Rear Cameras: 16MP+VGA+VGA

Pop Up Front camera: 16MP

Battery: 4,000mAh

OS: Android 10.0

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With the advantageous features of offering full-view screen and cool design, bringing better viewing experience, taking high-quality pictures and videos and having affordable prices, smartphones with pop up cameras are here to stay and are going forward as the best choice to make consumers enjoy full smartphone screen experience.

It’s, indeed, worthwhile to buy one to enjoy all the benefits it can offer to you. If you decide to buy one, try our F1 (product link) which is the primary choice for pop up camera. It’s powered with all the advantages a pop-up camera smartphone should have plus other powerful features that make it special.

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