UV Sterilizer Explored: Is It Worthwhile to Buy One

Source: UV Sterilizer Explored: Is It Worthwhile to Buy One

Since the continued spread of the COVID-2019 pandemic, people have been hunkering down and taking stringent disinfecting precautions to keep themselves as well as their families safe, causing the growing demand for disinfecting tools. Among the currently-prevailing tools, UV sterilizer is comparatively unfamiliar to many of the public.

Actually, UV sterilizers have long been used to kill microbes like germs, bacterium and viruses in a variety of applications including water sterilization, air sterilization, medical facilities, pharmaceutical production and food production. Nowadays, as they are becoming more and more portable and cost-effective, they are also applied for home use and office use to sanitize commonly-touched surfaces.

However, how UV sterilizer works to disinfect microbes is still mysterious for many of the public. Also, many people don’t know whether it’s worth buying so that they cannot make the right purchase decision. Take it easy if you also have the above confusion. Read continuously and you can be easily free of the confusion.

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How Does the UV Sterilizer Work

The UV sterilizer works to make disinfection by utilizing the built-in UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lamps that emit UV-C light at the proper wavelength to break down microbes. Simply put, it kills microbes like bacterium, viruses and pathogens by emitting UV-C light by way of lamps to irradiate these microbes.

When it comes to how the UV-C light breaks down microbes, in fact, it works by mutating microorganisms’ DNA. Mutating their DNA disrupts their ability to reproduce, thus killing them effectively.

Explaining What Is UV-C Light

You may also want to raise a question here: “What is UV-C light?”It’s unsurprising that you ask this question since what we normally hear of is UV light, not the so-called UV-C light. However, UV-C light is, in fact, one type of UV light. To get a little technical, UV light is divided into three types including UV-A, UV-B as well as UV-C light.

Among all the three types, UV-C light is the one that has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. That said, for UV sterilization, only the UV-C light which has the high enough germicidal energy with a shortwave wavelength of approximately 254 nanometers (nm) is capable of effectively destroying microbes’ DNA and thus killing them.

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Is It Worthwhile to Buy An UV Sterilizer

Now you must have a clear picture of how an UV sterilizer works and have more interest in this sterilizing technology. But meanwhile, you may be also entangled with whether you should pick one since you still get little about its benefits. In fact, when it comes to whether it’s worthwhile to buy an UV sterilizer, the answer is definitely Yes. After all, this sterilization tool is very powerful with many advantages.

High Sterilizing Effectiveness

As mentioned earlier, UV sterilizers use UV-C light which has high germicidal UV energy with short wavelength at approximately 254 nm to irradiate microbes like bacterium and viruses to make them dead. Studies have shown that UV-C which has short wavelength of nearly 254nm has high inactivation power to all pathogens, natural microbiota, molds, and yeasts.

Therefore, UV sterilizers are highly effective for sterilization. That is, compared with other sterilizing tools like electric stream sterilizer and disinfectants, the UV sterilizer which can emit germicidal UV-C light is much more effective for disinfection.

Moreover, when working around water environments like private household pools or drinking water cups, UV sterilizer still brings high sterilizing effectiveness since water temperature and pH have little effect on the UV-C sterilization.

In terms of sterilizing effectiveness, the vast majority of UV sterilizers have very high sterilization rate, making them worthy of being chosen as the useful disinfecting device whether for home use or for other applications.

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Eliminating A Variety of Pathogens

Another advantage that makes UV sterilizer stand head and shoulders above other disinfecting tools lies in its effectiveness in eliminating various types of pathogens. It not only eliminates viruses and bacterium, but also mold and dust mites.

Besides, in addition to pathogens, UV sterilizer using UV-C sterilization is also effective for eliminating multidrug-resistant organisms such as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus). Furthermore, UV sterilizers can also be used to break down odor-causing germs.

In short, buying a UV sterilizer to sterilize your home, your office or any other places to keep yourself safe is very advisable since it supports killing varied pathogens effectively.

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Long Using Lifespan

Unlike normal electric stream sterilizers, the vast majority of UV sterilizers have a long lifespan of thousands of hours. This benefits from their special built-in UV germicidal lamps which are long-lasting. UV germicidal lamps always require replacing after being used for a year, bringing a lot of convenience for their users.

Hence, buying an UV sterilizer which is durable as well as powerful can make you enjoy highly-effective sterilization while still gaining using convenience as well as good service life.

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Convenient to Use & Simple to Operate

In order to meet the demand for home use and on-the-go use, many UV sterilizers are designed in comparatively small size, making them lightweight and hence highly-portable and convenient to use. With an UV sterilizer, you’re able to easily sanitize your house, your office or even your car to keep all your personal items germ-free.

Besides, UV sterilizers also take the advantage of simple operation. In order to bring users convenience, the majority of UV sterilizers are designed to be operated by simple modes like one-button operation or smart-button operation. Only through a simple button click, you’re able to disinfect your surroundings to keep yourself from disease.

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Environmentally-friendly and Reliable Operation

UV sterilizer has another benefit that makes it outperform — it’s environmentally-friendly as well as reliable-to-use. UV sterilization is a purely physical process, not a chemical one, so it won’t lead to secondary pollution to whether the water or the surrounding environment. Also, it won’t cause chemical agents which can be harmful to people.

Besides, UV sterilization is a safe and reliable process since the vast majority of UV sterilizers for home use or office use have containers covered outside to avoid being exposed to the emitted UV light too directly.


So far, it’s manifest that UV sterilizer is a powerful and reliable tool with so many advantages. But price is also one of the most important factors that need to be considered prior to making the buying decision. Then how about the price? Is it affordable?

Well, the majority of the home-use UV sterilizers are affordable and cost-effective. And compared to other sterilizing devices, UV sterilizers are relatively inexpensive.

In short, with the advantageous features of high sterilizing effectiveness, simple and reliable operation, long-lasting using time as well as affordable price, UV sterilizers are worth buying. Now you must want to buy one in haste to sanitize all your personal items and your regularly-staying surroundings.

However, meanwhile, you must be confused about how to pick the right one. Well, here we recommend our UV sterilizer. It’s a powerful but super-cheap UV sterilizer. With high-effective UV-C germicidal lamps, it can help you effectively kill 99.9% of harmful germs and bacterium in only 20 seconds.

Also, you’re able to use it for disinfection for more than a year since its UV-C lamps support 10000+ using hours. Moreover, it’s portable to use, easy to carry and simple to operate in relatively small size.

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Unlike other sterilization devices, UV sterilizer uses the UV-C light by way of UV germicidal lamp to irradiate pathogens like viruses and bacterium to kill them. UV sterilizer is worth buying since it’s affordable, highly-effective and reliable for sanitizing all your personal items and your surrounding environments.

Our UV sterilizer (product link) is an excellent option with the advantages of 99.9% sterilization rate, rapid sterilization time as well as 10000+lifespan. If you have the purchase intention towards our UV sterilizer, just give it a try and then you’re able to effectively sterilize all your personal items and your home or office to keep yourself safe.

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